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Wide selection of renowned tools
Our expertise

To meet your specific needs, we’ve built a solid team of experts who specialize in tools and equipment. We can:

  • Evaluate your specific equipment needs
  • Develop solutions for your construction projects
  • Visit your worksite or plant
  • Present new products
  • Provide you with training
  • Offer a wide selection of products available for quick delivery
  • Rent specialized equipment to you
Our fields of expertise
Hand tools
Screwdrivers and connectors, measuring tapes, ratchet and socket wrenches, metal saws, cable cutters, and cable skinning knife.
Wireless power tools
Drills, portable saws, workshop tools, pneumatic tools, portable lighting equipment.
Instrumentation tools
Multimeters, laser rangefinders, levels, thermal imaging, electronic measuring tools, measuring tapes.
Generators and accessories, ladders and stepladders, manual and hydraulic cable pullers, two-way radios, pressure washers, flashlights, emergency lighting systems.
Drill bits for wood, metal, and steel, hole cutters, grinding discs and circular saws, bellhanger bits, knife blades, chemical products (cleaner, degreaser, solvent, lubricant), toolboxes, tool bags, pocket knives, boring bits, saw blades.
Our main suppliers